Partner Assault Response (PAR) Program

PAR is a 12 week group socio-educational program for men to learn about healthy relationships and to be able to choose respectful and non- abusive behaviours in their intimate relationships. Individuals are mandated into PAR programs through the criminal justice system. Groups are available in English and Spanish.

Groups are co- led by male and female facilitators and a Counterpoint staff contacts all partners to offer information, safety planning and support.

Women survivors are able to participate in a weekly group support program that includes expressive arts activities.

How to apply:  Call 416-920-0268 to schedule a meeting with the Counterpoint intake staff and be referred to an orientation session – the first step of the program.

Languages:  English, Spanish, Tagalog.  Interpreters are available for other languages.

Counterpoint programming includes a broad array of activities, which are described throughout this report. The core work of Counterpoint involves providing socio-educational   groups for abusive men (PAR groups) and providing services to their (ex) partners. In both components of our core operations, Counterpoint has consistently provided high quality and accountable services through the years.

The PAR Men’s Program provides psycho-educational counselling for men who have been abusive to their partners and have been mandated by the criminal justice system. Services are provided in English and Spanish. The program provides group-counselling, screening for drugs and alcohol, risk assessment and referrals for male batterers. This past year Counterpoint served 425 clients in its English (358) and Spanish (42) Men’s Program, and five (5) in its women’s program. We are the only agency in Toronto that offers batterer’s programming in Spanish. We are pleased to report that the Spanish Program continues to receive popular support in the community and steady referrals for service.

The men who attend the Counterpoint PAR program represent a broad spectrum of cultural, linguistic and ethnic backgrounds. The client composition is multicultural and broadly reflects the demographics of the city of Toronto. We  served 20 clients  in the Men’s Program in 8 different languages with interpreters who did not speak English or Spanish.