Board of Directors

Blanca Alvarado:  Originally from El Salvador, Blanca is member of the Cooperative, and has worked in Violence Against Women services for over 20 years. She is currently staff of the Women’s Programme at Counterpoint.

Paulina Berru:  Originally from Peru, Paulina is member of the Cooperative and has worked in the areas of homelessness and immigrant services for over 20 years, currently Paulina is a partner contact worker with Spanish speaking women.

Trifona Ramiro:  Originally from the Philipines, Onnie as she is known is a member of the Cooperative and has worked with Counterpoint as a partner contact worker and administrative coordinator for over 15 years.

Vivien Green:  `Has carried out community development for over 30 years and for many years led inter-agency program coordination around violence against women issues.

Garima Talwar-Kapoor:  Is a Policy Coordinator at Maytree Foundation. Having worked both in government and non-profit sector, Garima is interested in government policy related to violence against women and the experiences of immigrant and refugee women.

Hugo Valencia:  Working with the City in Equity Policy, Hugo has a wide range of interests and expertise, having successfully initiated a number of business start-ups. Hugo is interested in reaching out to men and changing social norms and attitudes about gendered violence.

Sam Di’Bellonia:  Has been a policy analyst with the provincial Ministry of Finance. Sam is interested in supporting community programming on the operational end.

Kiran Grewal:  Has a background in finance and has worked in the banking sector for over 5 years.