Anger Management

The Anger Management Program consists of eight to ten (8-10) individual counselling sessions designed to help clients recognize the roots of their anger, develop awareness of the negative effects of anger and to learn behaviour mastery. During these sessions the client will explore what are some main triggers of anger, and how anger can be damaging to his/her relationships and other topics related to managing one’s feelings effectively.

Clients are offered strategies and techniques to manage anger and make better life choices.

Drug/Alcohol Abuse

Informative program consisting of 8 to 12 individual/group counselling sessions designed to help participants share their experiences and listen to the experiences of others in order to create awareness of the harmful effects of the use of substances on a physical and mental level.


Educational and informative program consisting of 8 to 12 weeks of individual/group counselling designed for parents to get information and support from other parents/caregivers.

The group sessions focus on activities that engage the participants by teaching effective parenting skills. These are child-centered, with an aim towards positive co-parenting environment in which abuse is recopy and trust can be rebuild with children and families.

Methodology includes adult education, dialogues, reflective work, videos and role-playing.