Counterpoint was founded by a group of nine women and men in 1995 and incorporated in 1997 as a Not-for-Profit Co-operative. This Co-operative is governed by the Co-operatives Act and the Not-For-Profit Corporations Act. Its’ Board of Directors is drawn from its membership base and is accountable to the same body. The Board of Directors is a working Board which is responsible for the organization in its entirety.

Counterpoint’s Mission and Vision


Counterpoint provides social and educational programming to perpetrators of abuse within their intimate relationships and supports survivors and others impacted by the violence in building a violence free life.

Counterpoint also contributes to increasing community awareness about intimate partner abuse and participates in community development actions to end intimate partner abuse and build a safe and healthy community.


Counterpoint will be a community leaders, recognized for our commitment and involvement in innovative and diverse initiatives that contribute to ending violence in intimate relationships. Counterpoint will aim to:

  • ensure robust program standards for abuse prevention programming
  • offer effective and responsive programs that support survivors of intimate partner abuse
  • undertake community education and raise community awareness of intimate partner abuse
  • use best practices in programming while continually exploring ways to be more effective in this work through research and ongoing development.

Our Core Values

Commitment to Safety

All of our activities and programming reflect a commitment to safety of survivors of abuse and violence within intimate relationships.

Inclusive and Respectful of Diversity

We are committed to being inclusive in the way we provide services, making every effort to respect diversity and demonstrate concern for all.

Social Justice and Integrity

We challenge systemic and individual injustice and work toward promoting gender equality.  We work toward ending violence against survivors in intimate relationships.

Sharing and Caring

We are committed to sharing ideas, knowledge, and skills, as well as fostering and maintaining an open team environment.


We are accountable to women, children, same-sex partners, clients, advocates, funders, community partners and each other.

Quality and High Standards

At Counterpoint we set and maintain high quality standars in all aspects of our work and develop programs that best reflect our practice.