Counterpoint Counselling and Educational Cooperative, a charitable non- project community agency, is looking for energetic and interested individuals to join our Board of Directors.

  • The mission of Counterpoint is to increase safety for women, and to end violence within intimate relationships. We are unique because we are of the few agencies in Toronto who work directly with abusive men to increase women’s safety. We are committed to ending violence against women and building a safe and equitable community. We accomplish these goals by providing socio- educational programming to men mandated by the criminal courts, a women’s advocacy program, as well as community-based research and community education/ action initiatives in response to emerging issues.

We believe that the use of violence and abuse in intimate relationships is an individual choice. We also understand that wide spread and long-held social values and systemic barriers, normalize power imbalances between women and men, and these can result in a range of abusive behaviors.  Counterpoint believes that we must work at an individual, community and societal level to challenge intimate partner abuse and to build a healthy and safe society.

Our programming includes working with men to build relationships that are healthy respectful and non-violent and supporting women and children who have experienced violence to heal and thrive. Our 21 staff include 5 full time program staff, men’s program staff who are part- time facilitators and a team of partner contact staff who support women partners.

We are looking for individuals who wish to contribute to our community by taking on the issue of violence against women, who are interested in community action to create a more equitable society and who want to use their skills in a new and different way. As with many social agencies – the realities of COVID19 have impacted our programming as we respond to new challenges and new opportunities- making it an important and dynamic time to join our organization.   


  • If you are interested in finding out more about Counterpoint Counselling and Educational Cooperative- please check out our website at and contact us at .


  • If you are interested in membership on the Board of Directors please email a cover letter explaining your interest, and a C.V. to

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